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The city is like a kaleidoscope. Each step, each turn, each move unfolds a new image, a new vision, a new story. The Taste of Barcelona is a tour that highlights some of the many facets of this kaleidoscope, thus we are in a constant search for discovering places, trying dishes, learning about traditions, meeting people and sharing everybody’s passions, experiences and point of view on Barcelona.


Take a look at our the Taste of Barcelona Blog, follow our city walks and keep posted for a new section of original and customizable routes, coming up soon!


a Taste of | Specialty Training at Orbea Cycle Coffee

More than a specialty café, Orbea Cycle Coffee is a specialty training and knowledge hub. This is one of their training session – the filter coffee training for Lilo Cafè, a new place that is going to open soon.

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Food Stories | Tasting Escalivada at Cuines Santa Caterina

The food markets play, in Barcelona, a huge role in shaping and maintaining traditional dishes. Today, we try the market kitchen and, more specific, the special Catalan dish called Escalivada.

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Sweet Stories | Original Cakes and Pastry at Escribà

 An historic patisserie and cafe, specialized in homemade cakes, croissants, chocolate, bonbons and edible jewelry, Escribà is a family business, now run by its fourth-generation pastry chef, Christian Escribà.

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